DMCA uses its DMCA policy for following the terms declared in 17 U.S.C. Section 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which concerns copyright issues. Our policy concerns local as well as international laws and standards in respect of rights of copyright owners. Visitors of our file search engine are obliged to respect these laws, rules and standards regardless of their location. is a conscientious web-service. Its administrative team guarantees to react promptly to notifications concerning violation of the online resource rules. We do ask our users to send us properly filed notifications of our policy violation if any. In such a notification you should mention the following:

1. The complaint notice should contain a signature (physical or electronic one) of the copyright owner or his/her representative if any.
2. A signed declaration from the copyright owner that the materials concerned are not approved by him or his legal representative as well as you are authorized for sending such a notification statement from you that you have provided true, accurate and correct information.
3. A signed statement from you that you have provided true, accurate and correct information.
4. True, correct and accurate contact details including your full post address, phone number as well as your e-mail address for our Administrative team to contact you if necessary.
5. Full description of the files stated as violating the copyright law including recognition of the copyrighted files.

Our Administrative team guarantees to take all measures needed in case of receiving a properly filed abuse notification. We undertake to confirm your letter receipt as well as delete the abusive file within 36 hours.